Wednesday, January 7, 2009

an existence sent spinning

It's 2pm and my broken ego is some where at the bottom of this bottle of Corona.
Of course there was only one waaaaaaaay in the back of the fridge. You would think I woulda seen it sooner... empty as the fridge is these days.
Losing my job finally hit me last night at about 6pm... it really is a loss...omg. I have no identity after 9 years of being super...

This is my official day off from job hunting. I am all outta shampoo and ready to commit to the cheap stuff.
It, like my life right now, is smelly and not worth much at all,
I'm sure it
is just going down the drain anyway....

but on the upside...

No more freezing, no more tears no more sucky jobs that last for years. No more pain and no more insults... I feel so fabulously free.

Another subject,

i could watch the steam rise up in front of my overslept face and sigh as it dissipates into nothingness.
i envy the simplicity of it all...
up, up and away.

Calgone? Take me away from this. Away from the uncertainty and the pride.

I toss my ego into the recycling bin. Along with my single, ever so refreshing bottle....

there it goes.

i will return to the tub until i spin further down the drain of nonexistence.

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