Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just deserts

Saturday, October 06, 2007 8:27 PM -
Current mood: lonely
Category: Writing and Poetry

Just Deserts
Half of her doesn't even exist.
She stormed in as if she owned the place. All bitchy and flawless.
I rage with jealousy, it consumes me, these perfectly normal wretched beasts of bitches who have it all.
I mean come on. I make some damn good chili. I may not have saltines but I do have tortilla chips with sour cream to scoop it up.
In my opinion, what I have to offer....it's way better.
But I'd get some crackers if I'd have a reason to. I've got grape kool-aid to share, and a half a bottle of merlot I opened a week ago.
I'll try. To be better than her.
I must have something desirable to offer, something to bring.
I know I got it...
Something that someone, somewhere can put some effort into even though I'm not willing to offer anything sweet later.
So she can waltz in and take over. Offer more and take control.

I'll wait to share more than dinner, thank you.
I dont know, im just lonely and wish i could snuggle on my couch, but all I was to anyone is...

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