Sunday, December 9, 2007

Moving on was easy

May 2005

some last words..
like a wall i walked into you. cold and unseen. in her words i was "spellbound at the sight of you". beautiful and grotesque your face brushed mine, in passing for only one hot moment. one and two and sixteen and thirtyfour. i fell asleep in your arms again that night. for the thirtyfifth and last time i was safe and sound rising and falling with you in rhythmic motions like your breath in waves..awakened again by that damn train.. fuck that damn train. it had once again slammed into the side of our love boat. how did that fucking train cross over water? i thought i was safe this time where we couldn't be splattered....and i could fall asleep. that consuming comfortable like no one else can make me kind of sleep with you again. were these not the most happy, tumultuous, & devastating times? if wet and overboard define happy.. then yes.
i have very much come out alive as we often do with dreams, sudden, shaken shivering and alone. Ive put you behind me on solid ground. locked behind closed doors with concrete floors empty and dry like your lips that morning. Ive never been happier..

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