Saturday, December 22, 2007

Straight lines

This is another old one that I really loved. Probably written in 2005 or so....

straight lines
Current mood: guilty

The seasons had changed and gotten much colder since I had last seen Sasha.
Her hair had changed and
So had I.
I vaguely remembered the scent of Paul Mitchell in her hair and the sensuality of those lips.
It had been such a long, long time.
I remembered a few things about her.
The way she traced my scars. The way I felt when we laughed when we got caught. The way I understood her the first time.

She had always tasted like vanilla frosting. Sasha was so smooth and cold, waiting behind eyes bluer than mine for me to melt her.
But her legs were hot and we had driven for hours waiting, anticipating another sunset.
We never knew when it did.
We stayed up talking about our haircuts and how long it had been since we had had a real...
haircut, color,
kiss, shopping spree,
ice cream
and such a good fuck
so we did.
until the sun could go down, like I on her,
before we could shiver and shake.
God, I remember her.

That night, after we had both giggled and squirmed and
you know, there was that moment.
At least twice,
I looked up to see her shadow against the door of our sacred closet,
I saw her so perfectly flawless.
I felt the love she had flood over me in waves like the passions in our embraces.

A familiarity so familiar it couldn't even be happening again.
So I fucking left her there. To walk straight lines and find someone like paul mitchell.

And I will be loved.

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